To respect = To agree?

Being respectful is a virtue. However, it becomes a problem when it is dubbed as a one-sided notion which means to never answer back, to never question, to never doubt, to accept, to nod, and to keep your opinion to yourself. […]

Minority 101

Sure, it takes a hell of a courage to challenge conventions, stereotypes, norms and you will most likely end up not achieving the outcome you intended. But what good can be done should you remain silent? The majority is the majority because the minority dare not speak up against it. Rome was not built in a day, so does the formation of a recognised view. […]

Laws against LGBT are Void for Inconsistency with the Federal Constitution

The rights of the LGBT community cannot be construed to be “so-called rights”. Their rights are not “so-called” but are real rights founded on sound constitutional doctrine. They inhere in the right to life. They dwell in privacy and dignity. They constitute the essence of liberty and freedom. […]

Indira Gandhi in a Nutshell for the Non-legal Eye

The essential features which form part of the basic structure of our Federal Constitution include the (i) supremacy of the Federal Constitution; (ii) rule of law; (iii) judicial independence; (iv) separation of powers; and (v) protection of minorities. It is akin to the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs of a human body, the motherboard, CPU, PSU, RAM and HDD of a computer. […]

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