Khoo Suk Chyi is the eldest of 4 siblings. That, on top of the fact that she was raised by a pair of Asian parents, taught her discipline. However, as she grew up, she realised that her parents had not always been right about everything. Having read law and now practises it, she realised that many people do not actually have a clear idea of what they are doing – businessmen who agreed with each other to do multi-million worth of business without signing any written contract, politicians who saw it fit to destroy another’s career by making up stories which are homophobic in nature, people who voted for misogynists, racists, bigots, and/or fraudsters as their representatives, etc. These raised a lot of whys and hows and of course, wtfs.

Ironically, the root of all these whys, hows and wtfs, is the the lack of questioning. Everyone knows something is wrong yet these things happen over and over again because no one bothers to challenge the authority and/or the majority, purportedly out of discipline. Now one might suggest that the lack of questioning is caused by an absence or a serious lack of thought. However, this is not true if Mark Manson was right in his theory about the Feeling Brain being the driver of one’s Consciousness Car, and that the Thinking Brain is only a navigator. As Suk Chyi sees it, there are 2 causes of lack of questioning – laziness and fear. Laziness is likely translated from a sense of (presumed) knowledge that nothing said or done would change the predicament. On the other hand, fear reflects a sense of (presumed) knowledge that one might lead oneself into yet another predicament if one were to question the authority and/or the majority.

So this blog serves as space for Suk Chyi (and her readers, if any), to constantly challenge her sense of presumed knowledge by putting her unruly thoughts into words. In doing so with the intention of being able to direct and process her thoughts better, she may get certain things wrong, and is prepared to be told so. Therefore, readers are advised to not treat anything said in this blog as legal advice (pun intended). For the avoidance of doubt, this is a personal blog. In other words, things said in this blog do not necessarily represent the views of the firm and/or organisation and/or group of which Suk Chyi is a member of.

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