Attn: The Leader of the Opposition

Dear Leader of the Opposition,
Enclosed herein* for your kind consideration is a proposed shadow cabinet and an infographic of the same. […]


On its face, patriotism seems to be a straightforward concept but it is not. It calls for an empathetic understanding of what makes your country your country – what makes Malaysia Malaysia, and a true devotion of ensuring Malaysia is what its people envision it to be. […]

Watching Mulan

Mulan was recently released in Malaysia. Amidst the #BoycottMulan movement, my friend asked whether I was going to watch it. I said yes.

Mulan should be judged based on its quality as a cinematic work. One can do more than boycotting a movie to support human rights. […]

The Myth about EQ, Anger and Hope

That made me realised that my main source of anger, as mentioned above, arise out of pure hope as a lawyer who has just been in practice for 2 years. I have hoped that every lawyer who had been admitted to the Bar is really a fit and proper person to be admitted as an officer of the Court. By fit and proper, it means at the very least, that there is always an application of mind to the file they manage; that they strive to bring their best case forward without misleading the Judge(s); that they do not do all things necessary just to win, bearing in mind their first duty is as an officer of the Court, and their duty to client comes second. […]


What sets them apart is, unlike many of us, they have extraordinary callings in life. The titles they carry are expected to be synonymous to perfection. They have on their shoulders unforgiving burdens and responsibilities. If to err is human, people certainly expect them to be God and Goddess. […]

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