Writing against Confirmation Bias

This reminds me of one of the chapters I read in ‘The Art of Thinking Clearly’. Rolf Dobelli talked about an irrationality called the “confirmation bias”. He called it “the mother of all misconceptions” and “the father of all fallacies”. Confirmation bias is the tendency to seek, interpret, favour, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions. In plain language, you collect information to confirm your biasness. Here, I collected information to make sure what I planned to write in my blog post is justified and supported with facts. […]


What sets them apart is, unlike many of us, they have extraordinary callings in life. The titles they carry are expected to be synonymous to perfection. They have on their shoulders unforgiving burdens and responsibilities. If to err is human, people certainly expect them to be God and Goddess. […]

Syed Saddiq – The Millennial Minister

So the message I have for my millennial Minister is this. You get to decide who you want to hire as your special officer. You get to decide whatever photo you want to post on your social media. People will disagree with you. They will say all the nasty things there can possibly be like they would to stigmatise millennials. But please also remember that there are just as much, if not more people out there (commonly millennials but not necessarily so) who are ready to back you up. In fact, in both instances, you had people sticking up for you even before you chose to respond the way you responded. […]

A Judiciary Free of Political Patronage

The idea of justice is never considered to be achieved just because you win your case. Justice is achieved when a losing party walks out of the Court knowing that he has had a fair hearing.

Until and unless we have an independent JAC and a Judiciary free of political patronage, we will never be able to experience the truest sense of justice. […]

Response to KJ on the Appointment of EC Chairman

Sure, the Pakatan Manifesto said what it said. But the question I put to you, KJ, is this: Objectively, what is the ultimate aim that we all want to achieve? For the people, we want an Election Commission which is clean, fair and impartial. And you? Reading from your Twitter debate with Ambiga, I think you want a janji ditepati. […]

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