A Judiciary Free of Political Patronage

The idea of justice is never considered to be achieved just because you win your case. Justice is achieved when a losing party walks out of the Court knowing that he has had a fair hearing.

Until and unless we have an independent JAC and a Judiciary free of political patronage, we will never be able to experience the truest sense of justice.

To respect = To agree?

Being respectful is a virtue. However, it becomes a problem when it is dubbed as a one-sided notion which means to never answer back, to never question, to never doubt, to accept, to nod, and to keep your opinion to yourself.

Minority 101

Sure, it takes a hell of a courage to challenge conventions, stereotypes, norms and you will most likely end up not achieving the outcome you intended. But what good can be done should you remain silent? The majority is the majority because the minority dare not speak up against it. Rome was not built in a day, so does the formation of a recognised view.

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