Some promises (in the Pakatan Manifesto) can be broken.

KJ on 25th July 2018

This is contrary to what has been promised (in the Pakatan Manisfesto).

KJ on 20th September 2018

Do you know what’s annoying about our politicians? The very fact that they are always acting like a politician. When do they act like a politician? They act like one when they say things which are or when it is politically convenient.

Where was KJ when the previous Election Commission did such a terrible job? And now KJ wants to talk about how process matters and whines about how there was a chance to do things differently. And it didn’t happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that KJ is not just like any of his BN mates. But is this enough? Is merely acting like an opposition enough? Are you more of an opposition leader or the representative of your people? What are your priorities? To make the Federal Government look bad? Or to genuinely support the reform agenda?

Sure, the Pakatan Manifesto said what it said. But the question I’d like to ask KJ is this: Objectively, what is the ultimate aim that we all want to achieve? For the people, we want an Election Commission which is clean, fair and impartial. And you? Reading from your Twitter debate with Dato’ Ambiga S., I think you only wanted a janji ditepati.

Try taking off your opposition hat and put on your Rembau MP hat. Tell me if your ultimate aim is limited to selective demand for blind fulfillment of election promises, or you truly want the best for the future of Malaysia.

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